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TerrAjuda is a composite of two Portuguese words: Terra + Ajuda (Soil + Help)


This word came about our first project TerrAzoia, yet as we are nomads of sorts, we did not feel we wanted to be attached to the name of an actual place, hence the Ajuda, which does not signifies the lack of a geographical place, but the work we do as we love to help, being a multi-faceted group of individuals with various passions, such as marketing, design, art, wellness, culinary and agriculture.

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We are many, yet three of us are the brainchildren of this project. 


Wellness and food go hand in hand and have been a passion since we were very young.  

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Marketing & Design go hand in hand. One cannot exist without the other. Design is a tool and marketing, its channel. Hence the reason we work on both, along with a team of freelancers we trust. 

Sofia was instrumental in helping me develop and refine the recipes in my book FORKS. A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection. Her keen eye, trained palate and attention to detail helped me and my team tweak and finalize a diverse collection of recipes from cultures all over the world. He knowledge of cultures, writing and even technology contributed to an efficient and successful process.

Allan Karl

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